How can I help you this summer? My summer job application

You might remember: a year ago I returned to Finland from my adventure in Norway. Without a job. I was a little confused. Like, what next?

You might know: I’m not without a job anymore. I’m an entrepreneur now. I write, speak, do communication consulting and develop a new business in a startup. It’s the first of March, and summer’s knocking on the door. See, one interesting thing about Finland is that when summer comes, the whole country closes down for months. Everybody goes on their long summer vacations and no services of a small entrepreneurs are needed. To someone like me this means a silent death for months…

So, I am a little confused. Like, what next?

You might have already seen: whenever facing a challenge, I don’t tend to surrender. Instead, I unleash my superpowers and find a whole new way to take action.


If you don’t know me by now: Hi! My name is Maija, nice to meet you! A year ago I publicly made an offer: for the time being I was looking for a paid job, I would come to work as an intern for whoever felt they needed help. Yes, free of charge. Simply didn’t want to get my talent waisted. I was blown away by phone calls and emails: people really needed my expertise and energy. Actually so much that eventually I even got paid for my services. A whole new approach to find a job!

A lot has changed within a year, but some things remain; my burning desire to serve others. And I don’t want my flame to die:

like, what next and superpowers unleashed!

So now, facing the quiet summer, I decided it’s time for an adventure. I will find a summer job for myself and I will hereby offer my help to you. Maybe you’re someone somewhere who hasn’t yet realized they could use me for something. My philosophy is that being able to see different aspects of life is the greatest gift one can get. That’s why nothing’s too small or too big for me. As a person who doesn’t fit any fixed boxes, I smoothly sit in different ones.

I apperciate any kind of work. I mean, during the past year solely I’ve been to Norway to slaughter fish and worked as an au pair in the US. The bigger adventure – chance to do something interesting and new – the more exciting challenge. A small town hotel reception? Or, there’s still time to learn and do a role in some theatre play!

# aint’n no young bird no more

Though I am looking for a summer job, that usually people less aged do, I gotta tell you I ain’t no young bird no more. No, I was not born yesterday, I’m here, somewhere inbetween my thirties and forties. Neither am I perfect. I suck at math, so I would’n let me be responsible of the biggest mathematical problems. I can’t mow lawn because of my terrible hay allergy – and I might not be the best choice to operate a nuclear power plant just because of the color of my hair.

But with and in front of people I’m at my best. And that’s where I want to be; serving, touching and moving others. And I want to be moved myself: Along with me come my sharp pen and the wild video camera that capture stories. Maybe those would be useful for you?

Och svenska går bra, norsk med. Akkurat och absolut! And English – I mean, this is my application for the summer job you’ve got out there!

Secret Weapons

I wish you knew some Finnish so you’d learn my Secret Weapons: skijump and making nature documents. But luckily the third mad talent I have is the universal language of music

But still, though you might not get the language, go check out these videos just as an example of how I am! Some thoughts have been posted in English on this blog too, and there are more to come. But I think you’ll get the point in me without the words too.



So, here comes the question: How can I help you? What kind of a summer job do you have to offer me?

Only the sky, our imagination and your need is the limit. This time I am looking for a forthright job; that’s why I’m asking for a salary too. There is a great value to what I can and to the joy I spread around me – and those need to be compensated, of course. But a great adventure is always measured in gold and money is not everything that counts.

So what are you waiting for? Here I am. At your service!

Like, what’s next!




PS. I’ll have my professional webpage and CV in English for you soon but in the meanwhile you might as well want to take a look at those at

This blog in Finnish, here!


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